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A little something tasty!

November 11, 2014

Whenever autumn comes I start to feel a baking itch.. maybe it’s the abundance of apples and other fall fruits, maybe it’s that crispy air, maybe it’s the need to have something warm and freshly baked on otherwise dreadful cold autumn mornings:) This Sunday I woke up and realized I want or more like I crave or even need a muffin with my coffee. I thought about apple and cinnamon one but there were no apples in sight and the run to nearest store wasn’t all that welcomed.. to my defense it was cold and raining outside! But I found a package of frozen raspberries and I made use out of them and muffins turned out delicious! I used this recipe of the lovely Joy Wilson of Joy the Baker and they were so so yummy I’ll have to make another round this weekend. This time with apples and cinnamon probably! ;) bMvaC31415726234


A little inspiration!

October 27, 2014

It is a rather rainy, cold and cloudy Monday in Helsinki. Usually this time of a year is somewhat depressing for me, I guess the lack of sunshine has this effect on people, then it gets dark really early and there is yet no snow to brighten everything up. So I was clearly looking for some inspiration to brighten up the day during my morning coffee and of course to pinterest I went… Here is a little mix of pictures and quotes that currently inspire me and put a smile on my face:)



I recently moved to Helsinki and now moving apartments once again so I am pulling together inspiration for decorating my new place.


So excited about the launch of Tory Burch collection for the home .. I love all things blue:)


Seasonal dark lip is something I will try to pull off this fall.


Looking forward to summer and vacation somewhere sunny..


After many years of struggling with my self-esteem I am try to come to terms with the fact that I am beautiful as is.


Two words: amazing eye make-up.


I feel we often look for that sense of fulfillment from people around us while in fact you should first be comfortable with being on your own and only then a fulfilling partnership can be built. Something I have a long long road of working on..


Oh New York, New York … My dream destination!


A nice seasonal cocktail to mix up in the company of close friends.


Autumn is perfect time for cozy knits and ripped jeans.. Also procrastinating and blog reading – The Sweetest Thing is best read during leisurely morning coffee moments. 


Craving comfort and tasty soups are the ultimate comfort food for me.


This year I switched apartments, workplaces, countries and I am still not sure where I should move forward and how I should develop career wise. I always thought at 25 I would be married, working with what I love and sure of where my life goes.. Yeah, none of that is currently happening:) But you know what? It is totally fine, everything will make sense in the end..!


Love dark nails, I would add a hint of gold glitter though. 


And perfect blooms are always beautiful and inspiring!

All pictures are taken from pinterest!


October 14, 2014

I can’t believe it is already October. This year has been such a whirlwind of events and emotions. I got to be in Sochi during Olympics, I finished working on a ship and closed that chapter by moving to another country and getting myself acquainted here in FInland. And even though I have lived here only about 3 months yet this country feels like home. Being away from family and friends is sometimes hard but I am slowly but surely building my communication circle here too. Since I now have a little of spare time I will try writing more often because it feels good to share daily ups and downs and inspiration.

I’ve been out exploring Helsinki and nearby towns a lot in the last month and I snapped a few photographs so here they come…




The roofs of the city and beautiful blooms.






Few weeks ago a close friend came for a visit and we went to explore a nearby town of Porvoo for a day. It is a rather small but charming little town with narrow streets and friendly locals. The first signs of autumn were already showing but it was still very warm and sunny. 

All I want for Christmas is …

December 2, 2013

It is already so chilly and cold in Estonia and Tallinn is absolutely looking like pictured on a Christmas card. Yesterday was the 1st Advent and so countdown till Christmas has begun. Honestly, I think that this could be my favourite time of year, people are merrier, city lights and decorations are shining and just the whole atmosphere is amazing. And so I started thinking of what I’d like for Christmas for myself and what I’ll be gifting to my dear family and friends. So here goes … what I am dreaming of for Christmas😉


A cute nude pink makeup case/wash bag by Ted Baker.

An agenda to keep myself current in 2014 by Tory Burch.

Chocolate candies are always a necessity.

Beautiful statement earrings and bracelet from J. Crew.

An arrangement of JOIK scented candles made locally in Estonia.

Cozy and warm knitted scarf .

A set of glittery nail polishes by Deborah Lippmann.

Gorgeous bag by Kate Spade in macchiato/black would go with almost everything in my closet.

A pair of leather gloves with a print would keep hands warm.

And finally a bottle of my favorite scent – D&G L’IMPERATRICE

Those are my Christmas wishes. What are you wishing for this year?


June 21, 2013

It is finally all green and sunny here in Estonia and today is the first official day of summer! We will be celebrating midsummer this weekend and I can’t wait to get out of the city, meet up with friends, bbq, sunbath and swim, take long walks on those long and warm summer evenings:)

Happy SUMMER to all!!!


Sunday beauty inspiration.

January 27, 2013

One of my new years resolutions was to try to maintain this place a little more consistently so in order to do that and keep the ideas flowing I will be doing themed posts regularly. Sunday is going to be an inspirational day from now on with a spot on beauty, style, design and food. I hope this will nicely balance it all out and variety is never a bad thing, right?

It is just the middle of winter here in Estonia but I already feel like it is never going to end. And for the most part it was gray, freezing and kind of blah so I feel I am in a need of a serious pick me up. Colors, something bright and bold, I missed that. And I am starting with beauty this time, just take a look at the always beautiful Camilla Belle. She can do no wrong in my book, from dark lipstick to bright red, to dewy almost natural make up, she is all around gorgeous. And I have a serious brow envy to be honest:)


1st row: left, middle, right

2nd row: left, middle, right

Make a statement!

January 23, 2013

It has been rather chilly (or if I shall stay honest Freezing with a capital F) but no matter that days are getting longer, sun is shining brighter and I can feel a hint of spring somewhere on the horizon. And spring for me calls for wardrobe renewal. Well I personally believe that you may have a few basic high-quality clothing items but a lot of accessories which can totally make over your look. I personally tend to favor pieces that make a statement – earrings (most of the time actually) or necklaces, sometimes a beautiful headband. So here come my picks from a wonderful online shop Pree Brulee (and just in case, no it is not sponsored, I just love their selection).



1st row: left, middle, right

2nd row: left, middle, right


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